Party Tiger Mitts

Party Tiger Mitts

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The Party Tigers are retro snow mittens stemming from the flamboyant style of the 80's. Embodying the untameable free party spirit of this time period these snow mitts may offer unusual advantages to the wearer. Possible side effects may include;

  • A more full and lush mullet/moustache
  • Ability to shotgun/skull alcoholic beverage by up to 200%
  • A magnetic style attraction of deep desire to be friends with the wearer
  • Enhanced ability to catch thrown or falling drinks due to the ultra grippy full  silicone palm

For the social shredder, party on you sex icon.

(Bonus stat points if paired with Pitt Vipers)


The Spring Mitt collection offers a lighter, breathable alternative to negate sweaty palms on warmer days. Bit frosty out? Don't fret, just throw a pair of liners on underneath and you will be set. 


- Lightweight, thin and breathable four-way material

- Ultra grippy full silicone palm with die-cut Sweetmitts logos

- Ultra comfort neoprene velcro wrist cuff 

- Black wrist leash with adjustable toggle